Do you have an interest in old telephones, preserving telecommunication history or collecting artifacts and other telephony memorabilia? There are many other people who share the same passion. You might want to consider joining one of the telephone associations where you can join with others who share your interest. Your membership will put you in contact with a source of telephones, parts, switching equipment, paper goods and other memorabilia. Collector associations hold National and Regional shows, publish newsletters and electronic communication as well as provide a link to other collectors.

Antique Telephone Collectors Association (ATCA):

The official web site for the Antique Telephone Collectors Association is located at:

"The Antique Telephone Collectors Association (ATCA), is the largest telephone collectors organization in the world. Chartered in 1971 as a non-profit corporation by the state of Kansas, its over 1000 active members are located throughout the United States, Canada, Europe, and Australia. The association is associated with the Museum of Independent Telephony, Abilene, KS.

ATCA Membership Benefits:

A multi-page newsletter is mailed monthly to each member, part of which is devoted to member-only classified advertisements to buy, sell and trade telephones and related items. Newsletters also include articles and member contributions which are deemed to be of greatest interest to the membership.

A membership list is updated monthly. The membership lists include addresses, e-mail address and telephone numbers to assist with networking among members

The annual ATCA Spring Show is held each April in the Mid-West. This is a great event for members to attend, as it combines fun, fellowship and phones. One of the highlights is always the members-only auction of antique telephones and related items.

An official Fall Show has been held each year since 1971 at different locations throughout the United States. This huge show is national in scope, drawing collectors from all over the United States and Canada. This event is a must-see for anyone interested in antique telephony.

In addition, local members frequently sponsor regional shows at various locations throughout the year. A listing of telephone shows can be found on the ATCA website under "shows"

A member internet listserv (e-mail mailing list) is maintained to provide on-line members the opportunity to communicate with each other.

The principal aims and purposes of the ATCA are as follows:

1. To promote the collecting and preservation of old telephones and related items.
2. To publicize the historical importance of telephony.
3. To establish and promote common courtesies and guidelines for use by association members when buying, selling, and trading old telephones and related items.
4. To provide a means of communication between association members.
5. To structure events and activities necessary for the accomplishment of the objectives stated above."

Australasian Telephone Collectors Society (ATCS):

The official web site for the Australian Telephone Collectors Society is located at:

* The A.T.C.S. is a world wide organization of private collectors.

* The Society issues a regular newsletter which includes interesting articles pertaining to collecting and restoring telecommunications memorabilia.

* Hosts an annual show for public viewing of members collections.

* Holds regular meetings in Sydney and Brisbane Australia. The Society gives enthusiasts the opportunity to further the enjoyment of their hobby by the exchange of knowledge and ideas with others having similar interests.

Meetings are held in Sydney and Brisbane during the 3rd weekend of January, March, May, July, September and November.

Telephone Collector's International:

Antique Telephones, History, Preservation, Restoration, Education, Collectability

"Telephone Collectors International, INC., (TCI) is organized not for profit. The nature of its business is: to educate the public, as well as the members of the corporation, regarding the history of telephony, the value of old telephones and related items, their Collectability and preservation; to research telephone history and publish and promote literature thereon; to promote the public exhibition of old telephones and related items; to promote the exchange of information about old telephones and related items; and to promote common courtesies and guidelines for use by the public. Any person or organization sympathetic to the purposes of this corporation may apply for membership."


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